The Kickstart Scheme, is an opportunity to bring on young talent, whilst grant funding supports their training & salary.

A 6 month scheme available to UK companies, to help growth during the pandemic.

Over £8,000 worth of grant money, to support each young person you onboard.

Gradfuel are a partner to the government scheme, helping consult and guide your application process, in a cohesive and highly successful manner. 

99.6% of our applications are successful, with over 150+ companies partnered with to date and £8.7million raised in grant funding for helping support the hiring of young talent.




funding from the government, per young person you enrol upfront (this is aside from salary support)


success rate

in our applications, with the market standard being 22%. We take your hiring seriously and will ensure the best process possible.

of salary

covered for the young people that you hire, for up to 6 months and up to 100 hours a month.


in grant funding by Gradfuel, for our partners that we help hire young talent. We take a cohesive and consultative approach, as experts in the market.


Gradfuel is used by great companies including:

What are the benefits?

Speak to a member of the teamSpeak to a member of the teamFind out more and if you're eligible



have been supported by Gradfuel to process their Kickstarter application.